Alex Trochut by Corinne Magarry

Alex Trochut was born in 1981 in Barcelona. He studied Graphic Design at Elisava. He worked for four years at 2 design studios in Barcelona, Toormix and Vasava before working as a freelance designer and illustrator in 2007.

Alex Trochut is renowned for his type creations and designs. He attributes his special connection with typography to his grandfather, Joan Trochut who was a typographer and creator of a modular typographic and ornament system built in the 40s.

Trochut’s clients include Nike, The Rolling Stones, Nixon, British Airways, Coca-Cola, The Guardian, Saatchi and Saatchi and Adidas as well as Wired and The New York Times. He has also won numerous awards including Excellence in Type Design, Type Directors Club (New York 2005), Art Directors Club Young Guns 6 Winner (New York 2008), and Selected work for the Communication Arts Design Annual 49 (2008).

Alex Trochut learns from working on new projects and says that “my evolution has been based on finding little experiences in some projects that allow me to come to the next project with more ingredients to do the cooking”. His work is characterised by bold colours and fluid shapes, with his philosophy being “More is More”.

“I guess when you are motivated for an idea you have a perception of it, although you can’t really see it, but you have that intuition. That first feeling of this undefined idea is what helps me to stay on track and discover the idea through the process of working on it.”



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